5 Best Places to Visit in Nashik India

One of the finest reason to stay in Nashik is the Fantastic qualities and best services
One of the finest reason to stay in Nashik is the Fantastic qualities and best services

Places to Visit in Nashik India

One of the finest reason to stay in Nashik is the Fantastic qualities and best services, the city which carries the beauty of ancient times, the glory of nature, and the peace of spirituality. The fastest developing city while keeping its nature safe from harm.

Nashik is one of the well-known tourist spots and if you are planning to visit Nashik you can glance at all the views of Nashik from the spirituality of Ramkund to the beauty of vineyards.

Below is the list of best places to visit and the best place to stay in Nashik.

  1. Panchavati: This place will give you the feeling of holiness and the ancient views of Ramayan times, there are many temples which are existing since ancient times, a few of them are Ramkund, Sita Gufa, and Kalaram temple. It was believed that Lord Ram along with Sita and Laxman stayed there for 14 years. The trees of Sita Gufa are believed to be existing since the time of Ramayana.

  1. Sula Vineyards: Nasik the wine capital of India has fantastic vineyards, tours all the days throughout the years, and the best wine made Sula very popular. Many citizens of Nashik prefer to spend their weekend evenings at Sula away from the city rush. Sula has a beautiful nature view, Sula has a home of sixty wineries and it’s the first-ever winery in the entire nation. Isn’t that the best reason to visit and stay in Nashik?

  1. Dudhsagar Waterfalls: The view of the water is very picturesque and the waterfall is breathtaking during monsoons the greenery around the waterfalls is nothing less than a cherry on the cake, the location is preferred by families outing and picnic spot for youngsters the Balaji temple nearby is must visit a place.

  1. Nashik Caves: The Pandavleni Caves were designed by distinguished rulers of that point, like the Satavahanas and Kshaharatas, for the Hinayana Buddhist monks.  Of all the 24 caves, cave numbers three and ten square measure the foremost stunning ones. The design of those caves is exclusive and spectacular. the within of those caves conjointly consists of inscriptions that act as vital study material for researchers and students until this present day. Cave variety fifteen has An inscription regarding the King of Western geographic area. Much more to learn about the history and here you got another verified reason to visit Nashik.
  2. Set up by the Maratha ruler, Peshwa Nana Saheb in the eighteenth century, the sanctuary is referenced in the amazing Mrityunjaya Mantra that presents eternality and life span.

  1. Trimbakeshwar : Planned in exemplary architecture, the sanctuary premises likewise refers to the Kusavarta or Kunda which is supposed to be the wellspring of waterway Godavari. The entrancing component of the Jyotirlinga is its three faces representing Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Rudra. Just male lovers are permitted in the central region or ‘Garbhgriha’ of the sanctuary. It is compulsory to wear a Sovala or a silk dhoti here. Aficionados need to book pandits on the off chance that they wish to partake in the Abhishekam. How amazing it is to visit the place with so many historic and ancient stories. And by this time you know the best places in Nashik. 

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