5 Best Ways to Rank on Google Image Search

5 Best Ways to Rank on Google Image Search

5 Best Ways to Rank on Google Image Search

For Branding the SERP is an essential element these days, the brand website is the core of your online business. When you are trying to rank the images separately, it can rank your website more quickly in the SERP ranking. Not many people are doing separate efforts in ranking the images, one of the methods to convert all the JPG images into the vector file images. Online JPG to SVG converter is a drag and drop tool to convert all your images into vector files. Convert JPG to SVG and increase the image downloading speed, as the JPG images take more time to download when searching a website.

Do you know that!

In 2018, more than 20% of the US web searches happened on Google images, this represents the value of the images for SEO. The images also help to improve the overall SEO of the Website.

In this article, we are describing the 5 Best Ways to Rank on Google Image Search

1: Right format of files:

Every file format has its usability when you are using the images for photography. JPG images are the best, but when you are using these images for the website then SVG file format is best suited for the website.  Turn jpg into SVG with  theonlineconverter provides the best jpg to SVG converter and makes the speed of downloading images better, which is crucial for the SERP ranking for your website. Convert JPG to SVG file format and make your website crawler friendly, as it can easily understand the HTML and CSS language rather than separately marking them. This can happen when you are using a raster file format.

2: Define the dimension of the images:

When you are defining the dimension of the images, it increases the understanding of the browser before loading the CSS file. Defining the dimension of the files in the raster file format can be difficult, it also decreases the quality of the images as it is transferring from one OS to another. For example, format the Window to Mac or vice versa. Defining the dimension in the vector file is easy, especially in the SVG file format. Online JPG to SVG converter turns the raster files into the vectors file. This helps in the image SEO for the website.

3: Upload Mobile-Friendly images:

Most of the users access the website via their mobile phones, which can be one of the major issues to make your website SEO friendly. Online JPG to SVG converter makes your images mobile-friendly, as there are different WAP protocols applied to the images. Convert JPG to SVG and make your images mobile-friendly, whether the user is using the Mobile Phones OS system.

4: Customization of the image file:

When it comes to SEO, create the file name by using the proper Keywords. The Customization of the Image file is crucial along with choosing the correct file format. When you are using the online JPG to SVG converter to convert the JPG into an SVG file format. You can add Alt-tag to your images and make for the user to easily access all of your images.

5: Images and website site map:

Clearly defining the images in the site greatly increases the chances of the crawlers to find the images and rank your website higher in the SERP. Indexing a website is crucial in ranking your website, when you are using the SVG files, you can describe the separate file indexing file. The online JPG to SVG converter helps to convert the files into the XML format, which is coder compatible language to the HTML. When you are developing a separate file for indexing all the pages, HTML is the best code to describe the image’s nature.

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