7 Things You Should Know About Web Hosting

1. How many sites can you host with a single account?

This is useful when you own more than 1 domain name. Depending on the service provider, you can host more than 1 websites using the single account you have with your service provider.

2. Storage Space

It is important to know how much space you are paying for. The movies, images and text you place in your website takes up space. Movies and images takes up more space than text. If you are going to have a website with lots of movies, video clips, pictures and banners, having a larger storage space is advisable.

3. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of resources needed to process a request when someone visits your website. The more popular your website is and the more people who visits your website, you need a higher bandwidth.

4. Up-Time

The amount of time (in terms of percentage) you website is up and running is known as Up-time. Despite technological advances, machines are still machines and breakdowns are inevitable. The usual up-time commitment is 99.5% or higher. Avoid any web hosting service providers that offer lesser than 99.5% or did not state their up-time.

5. Mail Forwarding Accounts And Email Autoresponders

The ability to forward your email from your hosted website to somewhere will help you greatly if you have multiple websites to manage. You can then forward the emails from different website to your single email account. Otherwise, you will have to open the emails at each website individually. Email Autoresponders is a good feature to have your pre-crafted message sent to the people who emailed you. Most autoresponders reply to the senders immediately and automatically.

6. Visitor Statistics

This is an important feature that tells you how many visitors have visited your website. You can use the feature to fine-tune your website accordingly. The more details you get, the more you understand about visitor behaviours.

7. Technical Support

Finally, break fixes are always needed. Make sure you have someone to call or email when need arises.

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