Authentic Reviews is a site where people share their experience of using online shops and services. It also provides online business owners an opportunity to publicly respond to the feedback they receive. This helps customers find better services and avoid fraud. At the same time, authentic reviews show business owners what their customers like and what they don’t, thus helping them improve.

When you’re ready to buy something, AuthenticReviews is the place to go. We consider the best things in a wide range of categories, from heated blankets to trampolines to cordless drills, to provide you with the most reliable purchase advice, and user experience reviews.

In addition, we will most likely make it straightforward for you to select the Genuine item and be confident with your decision.


AuthenticReviews is a product review organization with a single goal: to assist you in making better purchasing decisions while saving you time and money. Therefore, we spend a lot of time researching, studying, and evaluating things to recommend the most authentic options for most buyers in our articles.

Our Mission

Authentic Reviews improves online commerce in general, by gathering and providing valuable information and organizing relations between online businesses and customers in any area.


You have many choices when it comes to purchasing a product. There could be hundreds of products to pick from, with dozens of them boasting glowing user reviews. However, cutting through the data to find the Authentic product for you can be complex and time-consuming. If you have any good or bad experiences regarding any product, you can submit your review on our platform to inform them about bad quality products.


How do we know what to look for in a product? First, we interview industry experts, contractors, and other super-users before our review process begins.

Our expert advisors and experts in residence include physicians, who guide testing health-related products, PhDs with backgrounds in nutrition and other specialty areas, building contractors who use power tools every day of their work lives, and professional chefs who know what works and what doesn’t in kitchen appliances.


AuthenticReviews was founded by entrepreneurs with over three decades of expertise in the business world.

Our senior management team has educational credentials from Harvard Business School, Stanford, Berkeley, Northwestern, Notre Dame, West Point, and the United States Army’s Airborne and Ranger Schools, in addition to business experience at Google, Tesla, and Linkedin and the US army.

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