Best Alternatives for Trustpilot and why?

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Trustpilot isn’t the only alternative when it comes to Product Reviews Software. Look into other options that are competing and alternatives. Product Reviews Software is popular technology, and many are looking for efficient, advanced software that can provide sampling, syndication, and customer service. Other factors to take into consideration when evaluating other alternatives
Trustpilot comprises customer service and features. We’ve put together the top solutions that reviewers have voted as the best alternatives overall and rivals to Trustpilot, such as Bazaarvoice, Yotpo, as well as Shopper Approved.

Top 8  Alternatives of Trustpilot

1) Turn To:- 

TurnTo is the most rapidly-growing supplier of content created by customers (CGC) solutions for the leading brands and retailers and brands, offering a range of solutions comprising Ratings & Reviews, Community Q&A, and TurnTo’s Checkout Chatter. Based on an innovative platform that closely integrates with the stores’ customer profiles, TurnTo provides a more personalized customer experience, capturing 2-4X more content quicker and with less effort while ensuring authenticity.
Key Features:- 
• There are more ways to let your customers collaborate to help each other. For example, get your customers’ voices heard at different points of the ownership cycle through video, words, and pictures.
• Other ways to increase conversion and increase traffic.
• Provide the appropriate customer-generated content that moves the customer’s journey forward at every stage of the buying process.

2) Power Reviews:- 

PowerReviews is a partner with over 1,000 retailers and brands worldwide to provide authentic content via ratings and reviews along with questions and answers and other images to enhance the buying experience of buyers.
Key Features:-
• Gather more review material. Display to maximize impact. Inspire buyer confidence. Improve conversion rates and sales.
• The proven money-saving method that generates new reviews and ratings quickly. Increase reach and massively gain customers with our vast network.
• Enhance the effectiveness of your UGC program.
• Know, benchmark, and improve the quality of your product and CX. Expand your company.

3) Podium:- 

Podium can be described as an Interaction Management platform that helps businesses manage and collect online reviews, collect feedback, and send messages to customers.
Key Features:-
• Podium is revolutionizing how customers communicate with businesses in their local area.
• From collecting reviews on websites that matter the most to your customers, enabling your website’s text with Webchat.
• To collect payments via text, collect confidential feedback following the experience, or handle all customer communications on one dashboard using Inbox, Podium is the solution.

4) Birdeye:- 

Birdeye is a SaaS platform that redefines how customer feedback can retain and attract connected customers. It does this by closing the gap between company reputation and customer satisfaction. The platform collects real-time customer feedback on ratings, sentiment, and ratings across every channel – review websites, social media, and surveys.
Key Features:-
• Birdeye helps businesses grow by generating delighted customers.
• More than 60,000 businesses employ Birdeye daily to bring in new leads by displaying Listings, Reviews, and Referrals to turn them into customers through Webchat and Appointments. Please provide them with surveys, Ticketing, and Insights, all from one location.

5) Feefo:-

Feefo provides an independent review and insights platform dedicated to improving customer experience. Feefo offers you the information and tools to strengthen relationships, build your brand’s reputation, and make informed choices to plan for the future.
Key Features:-
• Invite-Only Platform lets you gather genuine reviews from real customers. Record video and photo reviews.
• It is easy to determine your company’s Net Promoter Score.
• Capability to gather both service and product reviews.
• Gather feedback at any customer journey stage with our multi-channel solutions.
• Machine learning that is top of the line and AI-powered insights and integrations.

6) has created a variety of review collection options, including Merchant Review Collection, Product Review Collection, and the Reviews in Store Collection. is dedicated to providing the best reviews on social media for sites worldwide. Our developers are happy to design custom solutions that meet your specific business requirements. We provide the total cost upfront and do not tie it to long-term contracts. We’re not afraid to tackle complex projects, and we enjoy designing unique solutions for our clients.
Key Features:-
• Enhance both by leveraging authentic and verified product or service reviews.
• Convert reviews into high-impact content using our simple to use Social Proof feature.
• Every feedback you receive through helps to improve the seller’s rating.
• Create powerful content from users using Video Review Tool.
• Elevate feedback from your customers to the next stage.

7) YoTop 

Yotpo’s integrated solution lets companies with eCommerce collect reviews, images, and Q&A on one platform, thereby increasing traffic and social proof, and sales. As an official affiliate for Google, Facebook, and Shopify Plus, Yotpo makes it simple for businesses to make use of the content of their customers across every channel of marketing and enhance the customer experience to improve conversion. Yotpo has raised over $101 million in funding and employs more than 300 employees across the globe.
Key Features:-
• It is Partner with Google, Facebook, and Shopify Plus.
• Yotpo makes it easy for businesses to use the content of their customers across all marketing channels and optimize the user experience for customers to improve conversions on their website.
• Yotpo has raised over $101 million in funding and employs more than 300 employees across the globe.

8) BazaarVoice:- 

Many top brands and retailers rely on Bazaarvoice technology services, expertise, and products to increase revenue, expand reach, gather actionable information, and build loyal customers. Bazaarvoice’s global retail, social, and search syndication networks, the product-driven community, and enterprise-level technology offer the tools that retailers and brands need to deliver better shopping experiences throughout the customer journey.
Key Features:-
• More than 15 years of experience and a method that is customized to each client’s specific goals.
• All kinds of UGC with a single supplier with a user-friendly platform that can accommodate all sizes of businesses and configurations.
• An extensive network of over 11,500 retailers and brands that have millions of customers
• We know who is looking for what, and we can provide relevant ads and a personalized shopping experience.
• Verify authenticity to safeguard your brand from fraud prevention and spam detection technology, and the most extensive internal moderation team made up of native speakers of 38 languages.

– Can Trustpilot reviews be fake?

Yes, Trustpilot reviews can be fake because they remove some of the reviews in which the company is being faulted, but then the company blames the reviewer that their review is fake. And also, their services are way too bad, and the company is so untrustworthy that they remove negative reviews about their company and just keep the positive ones that are fake. All the positive reviews are paid reviews. 

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