Comments Policy

Comments Policy

All users and readers are invited and free to comment on different blogs of the website. is dedicated and ready to engage with their users, whether in community or outside it, but care how the site conducts its affairs.

All comments should be right: By good comments, we mean comments which are relevant to the blog topic, and that will lead to a civil discussion. For improved services and sharing of information, the comments should be substantial but not an exclamation. is impressed by viewpoint comments, which users express politely, and concisely to add dimension to the topic of discussion or lead to questions that are important.

All submissions from all users should:

  • Not be programming codes
  • Not ask for contact information of the site and its users, or make administrative requests.
  • Not spam the site or be for commercial promotion purposes
  • Not be intended for a personal attack
  • Be relevant to the main topic
  • Be written in English
  • Be substantial

Comments Moderation

All comments posted on website only go live after the person saying gets a link on their email and visits it. Also, next to every comment, there is a report irrelevant comment link, which users can use to report comments out of topic or those that cannot lead to a civil discussion. Irrelevant comments which are reported get deleted without notification.

Commenting Names does not check names for validity. Commenters bear full ownership of their names and observations. However, recommends the use of real and full names for accountability when having civil discussions.

Site Criticising welcomes any criticism made by its users, so long as the criticism is presented to us in a civil way. Constructive criticism helps us improve the site for easier and better services.

Information Stored From Comments does not only store information that is seen by the public, but also comments which have been deleted, email and IP address of the individual who had commented. has a right to give the required information if law enforcement agencies do require it.