Customised or Robotic Printers It’s up to you

Tech revolution is at peak, there are many printers in the market, but do you think they are really worth it to buy them, let’s suppose, you need a printer that is fast, easy to use and have all the functions required at your workplace but what kind of printer would be that If it’s not worth all your money.

If you google it like which is the best printer to buy, there is a chance you will be reading a sponsored content or an advertisement from the same company or brand.

If I would have to buy a printer, I will usually do the same but after reading all the sponsored content and advertisement on google, I will definitely do my own research and go for the right choice. But how to make the right choice is what I am going to tell you.

Let me get straight to the point now, I am not considering inkjet printers either laserjet printers, they are totally worthless, they are unreliable, endurable, and malfunctioned but still, they worked, and that doesn’t fulfill my requirement, If I am paying for something, I want satisfaction and peace of mind. I really don’t want to compare inkjet and laser printer, I or we want to know which is the best of best and worth all your money.

I have used many printers, neither of them impresses me, I wanted something new that will work extra fast for me anywhere in my office, so I thoroughly research for many printers but they are all same, why because I was googling the sponsored content and ninety percent of the content is sponsored by the brands who want to sell their product, After some time I stopped googling for printers and followed the giant’s organizations and their CEOs, what I have found is that they have one thing in common for having all the accessories customized by themselves.

If you are a start-up company or individual, you have a shit load of work and you required a perfect setup for printers, then don’t go for a brand, I suggest you order the customized printers from the manufacturer, this will fulfill all your requirement in a reasonable price, but

If you are an individual then you should consider buying from amazon but still, the question is which is the best printer listed on amazon, let me get you straight to the point, you don’t need a printer to print by command, you need robotic printers in this century to ease your work.

I am only inspired by the CANON TS9120 Wireless printer with scanner and copier, this giant printer is facilitating the user to print from mobile and tablet.


Short Bullet Points

  • Prints that will impress will inspire your creativity. Put the 6 colors unique ink system to work on everything from breathtaking photos to comprehensive paperwork, and you’ll never have to compromise on speed or quality.
  • Enjoy the ease with which you can connect your smartphone, tablet, and other preferred gadgets; Printing from the cloud, Bluetooth, social media, or even on the fly is simple and convenient.
  • Thanks to its two-tone design and many color options, the PIXMA TS9120 Wireless printer is the all-in-one that fits well anyplace in the home and looks fantastic with any decor.
  • It’s easy to understand why the Pixma TS9120 makes printing a breeze with features like the 5.0-inch LCD touchscreen and upgraded user interface, Bluetooth printing, and document removal reminder.
  • With its Auto Expandable Output Tray, the Pixma TS9120 is always ready to print. Up to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch in print resolution.


If you are considering buying CANON TS9120, I suggest you buy directly from the company or outlet but If you are out of time, I know a store on amazon, who will provide you this product at a very authentic price. Please click on the above link and order it now. I hope you enjoying reading this article, please let us know which printer will you buy in the comment.


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