Elon Musk REVEALED Tesla Phone Model Pi INSANE Features & Pricing!

Elon Musk REVEALED Tesla Phone Model Pi INSANE Features & Pricing!
Elon Musk REVEALED Tesla Phone Model Pi INSANE Features & Pricing!

The new tesla model pi smartphone using the successful brand name and logo of the most popular and best-selling electric vehicle at the moment does not disappoint in terms of tech features when the mogul behind the very booming online payment platform spaceship manufacturing industry and the biggest electric vehicle brand decides to produce a smartphone.

You can be sure to expect that the features and specs will be able to make the industry leaders like Apple and Samsung take a back seat. However, the phone may just as well make other phones being used irrelevant we will explore all of these fantastic features of the tesla smartphone in this article, all of which undoubtedly will make you more and more excited as soon as it’s released; so stay tuned…!

But first of all, without much to do, the back of the phone features four powerful camera lenses that will take stunning pictures with varying amounts of sunlight.

Beyond that, it will also be able to take beautiful pictures at night. You can even point the phone at the sky at night and take high-quality photos of the stars with a single click.

This is a different experience from other smartphones. To get pictures of the night sky of that quality would require prolonged exposure to the spot first, but then again, that’s not all there is to these cameras.

You can use one lens to take a picture and a different lens to take a video simultaneously. The whole back camera collection is in a black raised box at the top of the middle of the phone. This color contrasts with the rest of the phone’s lighter body, making it truly stand out.

There is another camera at the front of the smartphone for capturing selfies and making videos most impressive about this camera is that it’s concealed under the screen of the phone and only comes into view when it’s being used.

So the tesla smartphone will have an actual infinity screen without a notch at the top like the iPhone or a cutout like the Samsung galaxy phones making it a more aesthetically pleasing phone the screen itself will be made of the most robust material to increase its toughness while not compromising seamless touch accessibility it will also be bright so you can use it even under direct sunlight but then again that’s not it under the screen.

An ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will also be for biometric authentication to unlock the phone. It will also provide mobile payments.

Soon, this is especially necessary due to the need for the tesla smartphone to be secure. As you’ll see as we unpack all the features of this phone, the smartphone will also include solar charging, which is not surprising when you think about it since musk makes solar panels for his business. This means that the phone can be charged anywhere at almost any time, and you don’t even need a charger to do so.

The back of the model pi phone also changes color this is due to the photochromatic coating it utilizes that shimmers at different degrees under sunlight it also unsurprisingly will be waterproof and dust resistant all of these make for cool additions to the experience of the phone but are just half of what musk has to offer the tesla smartphone has powerful internals that makes it do amazing things that other phones just can’t.

One of which is the phone’s ability to mine cryptocurrency the tesla model pi smartphone is expected to be the phone of the future a future that musk plans will see people settling permanently on mars and for people to earn a living on the new planet there definitely will be the need for commerce which in turn creates the need for a currency in which these transactions will be done for this musk has established mars coin a sustainable cryptocurrency that will be used in the planet beyond the tesla phone, therefore, will have the ability to mine these coins for citizens of the planet.

and while doing so nothing stops the phone from being able to mine other forms of cryptocurrency as well with this the coins can be stored on the phone and payments can be made directly from it eliminating the need for the legacy banking systems in place in most countries as the point of crypto is to be unbanked anyway with your tesla smartphone.

You’ll basically be carrying your bank around with you with the established powerful cryptocurrency mining phone tesla can develop a tesla phone payment system with a wallet application that rivals apple pay musk was the same genius behind paypal so developing an online payment platform is not foreign to him the model pi phone will further promote cryptocurrencies beyond mining and payment by integrating two or three services among several other services already available like crypto.com for crypto debit cards figment for staking lightning for bitcoin micropayments uni for swapping and so on a select number of these services can be integrated on tesla pay for people to use through the wallet another star feature this phone includes is the integrated internet satellite musk company SpaceX is currently setting up a satellite internet business called Starlink which provides high-speed internet service through satellites put in space and even though the Starlink service is still in beta it already has over a hundred thousand customers.

In fact, companies like Google and Microsoft have signed deals with SpaceX to use Starlink to promote their businesses the advantage Starlink has over other internet providers is that it works anywhere on earth including deserts and other remote locations.

it will also work on mars for its future citizens to use when the time comes the tesla model phone has deep Starlink support giving phone users the power to do high-speed data uploads and downloads anywhere they are in the world the satellite networks will also allow you to send and receive SMS through satellites even when there is no cellular service

it will allow you to communicate with friends and family even when you’re in a remote location it will even work during emergency situations where there is an outage of telephone services like after a natural disaster the tesla phone can also sync deeply with other tesla products you own like a tesla vehicle or a power wall and so you can control or change your car’s settings from your phone like starting pause or stop charging remotely or in a scenario for instance where you own a tesla car and smartphone and are connected to starlink’s fast internet and you get a notification on your dashboard that your car battery is running low your phone can immediately search for the nearest charging station and displays the route on your car’s dashboard and after charging it automatically pays on your model pi and you’re back on your way quickly and seamlessly all of these features are.

still not all that tesla has to offer with the model pi smartphone neurolink is another one of elon musk companies who is hard at work to try to read the brain through signals byimplanting chips inside the head it may sound odd and creepy but it has the potential to correct some disabilities and health problems it can even help some paralyzed people get their motion back thanks to these powerful chips inside ofit the model pi will include some tech from neurolink this tech will help speech impaired people communicate through the phone because it can scan the brain to analyze spoken utterances and translate them into audible words and transfer intended messages it can even help communicate with people in a coma as well now most interesting is that by the indications it appears that spacex is planning to set up a telephone service if this is successful users of the tesla smartphone will be able to gain access to all of the phone’s features without needing to use a sim card elon musk as well cannot wait to release it to the public but the company in its usual fashion is taking its time to finalize the design and actual production to ensure that it’s delivered perfectly without any hiccups with the current progress reports though th phone is expected to be available much sooner rather than later now the obvious question is when will this phone be available for purchase and use as we’re sure a lot of you are eager to get onefor yourself after hearing about this powerful phone with both useful and cool tech and with that what gets you the most excited about the tesla smartphone being released leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section below

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