Globat Web Hosting Review

Globat, a California web hosting provider, was founded on November 2001 by a team of seasoned dot-com executives and Internet veterans with broad experience in Internet and web hosting technology. Globat is a privately held company with headquarter based in Los Angeles, California.

Their popular T01 Package has further improved on Sep 2006 to TeraByte Pro Package and provides up to 100,000 MB of disk space and 1,000 GB of bandwidth! With the accessibility of huge disk space and bandwidth, you are able to create a lot of contents images/pictures, streaming audio and video clips on your website without having to worry about hitting the limits. For the price of $7.95 per month, let’s look at Globat’s key features.

As part of the Terabyte Pro Package, you are provided with 100,000 MB of disk space and 1,000 GB of bandwidth. In addition, the package also offers unlimited POP3 email accounts with unlimited email forwarding, alias and autoresponders. With $7.95 per month (1 year prepaid with free setup), Globat also supports the use of leading web technologies like Shockwave Flash, PHP4 and Perl to enhance the visual appeal, security and functionality of your web site.

You can always expect superior customer support from Globat. In a recent survey, 91% of Globat’s customers rate their experience with’s customer service between ‘Very Good’ to ‘Outstanding’. And 98% of its customers either have recommended or would recommend a friend to Globat.

Globat provides two 24/7 toll-free telephone numbers that you can call. For sales and billing matters, you can call their main line: 877-2-GLOBAT (877-2-456228). For technical support, you can reach Globat at toll-free number: 866-841-2300. The above toll-free number available to US and Canada customers only. For International customers, you can call their main office at 1-(323)-874-9000.

Globat offers 24/7 responsive email support to all the Globat customers. Their support ticket system allows you to track your problem status conveniently.

As a California web hosting provider, Globat primary equipment is housed in the main Data Center, Equinix, located in downtown Los Angeles, California and is the same one used by Google, Yahoo and IBM. Their Tier-1 providers include Level (3), Verio and Mzima Networks and operate over private peering networks to avoid overcrowded public exchanges. They also maintain a presence at a second Data Center in Marina del Rey, California exclusively for secondary DNS and email server backup. This facility uses AT&T; and Time/Warner for connectivity.

Globat’s new B2 hosting platform features the redundancy and backup found only at top-level, commercial Data Centers. B2 is capable of distributing various areas and functions of your website across multiple servers; each one manages a different application for optimum performance. Other hosting companies run numerous applications on one server, thus increasing the likelihood of failure.

Globat’s B2 system features Foundry Switches, Network Appliance Raid 4 Filers and on-line backup machines with additional disc drives, ensuring that even if one part of their hosting network goes down your website continues to operate without loss of any data.

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