How Seo Helped This Startup To Reach 8 Cr In 4 Years

Establishing your own start-up is no hustle, it starts when your dream is to keep running it. When trying to jumpstart a start-up the most important thing to have is capital—that is obvious—but actually, it is SEO.

To make it easier to understand we can take PortraitFlip as an example. An e-commerce company that sells handmade paintings online.

This company was ideated in March of 2018 because the CEO, Sunny Choudhary’s friend couldn’t find a trustworthy website to get a handmade photo to painting from. He scoured the internet to help his friend out only to be disappointed. That is when PortraitFlip as an idea came into existence.

Sunny Choudhary was keen on making the company big on his own. When the company became an entity and went live, it was dead for 3 months. But he did not give up. His only answer and savior was going to be paid marketing. For now.

But the problem was—people hate ads.

Paid marketing did pay off as the orders did start flowing in but to Sunny’s surprise the orders poured in mainly from the USA, the UK, and the western countries. That is when he realized that he needed to go organic and rank when people searched for ‘photo to painting’ or ‘handmade painting’.

What about the other issue? An organic search is the starting point for 68 percent of internet experiences. As a result, the majority of people use Google to look things up. Only 6% of the searches result in a click on an ad.

The remaining 94% goes to organic results.

Sunny realized that he was missing out on the bulk of opportunities to convert new customers and grow his startup if he was not ranking for those organic searches. SEO for startups isn’t difficult, but it isn’t simple either. When done correctly, SEO may dramatically increase a startup’s search ranking, customer acquisition, and profitability.

That is exactly what encouraged Sunny to take SEO’s help to take his business from Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 8 Cr in 4 years.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create content, but it can yield clients for years without costing more to acquire each one.

Sunny’ advice to an entrepreneur trying to start his own e-commerce business is, “Invest in a good SEO engine as soon as feasible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to rank and the longer it will take to see results.”

“Begin by understanding what search engines were actually invented for and how they work. Determine what types of material your target clients are looking for. To enhance your rankings, create, optimize, and distribute that content.”

He adds, “Finally, with targeted link-building activities; establish your brand in search engines.”

“And finally you can start ranking for actual searches, driving real traffic, and real customers in only a few months”, he left us with this beautiful advice. Sunny is an exceptional example of how to grow a business of gifting on any occasion, from scratch, use fewer resources, and be on a budget.

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