How Technology will Prevent your Depression

Do we think we’ll be able to replace medical sciences with technology in this century? Have you ever considered having medical robots that can treat you like a doctor or artificial humans doctors who can perform far better than actual humans? If so, why haven’t we been able to construct them yet? Maybe we’re just oblivious, or maybe our technological innovation is stuck in the 16th century. Scientists may have conducted studies on robots and have produced domestic maid robots for employment, but do you believe that will benefit society? In my opinion, they are worthless in making your life more opulent and artificial.  According to one survey, 96% of people are depressed because they live an artificial life. As a result, they are unaccustomed to or fit in any weather. For example, if it is summer, they will complain about the heat, and if it is winter, they will turn on the heaters, as if they were not made for this planet. We have neglected our natural existence, but that is not the topic of today’s discussion.

The main focus of our topic is depression and technological innovation. What I see is ignorance among patients and doctors. How so, because according to a survey, 99 percent of doctors prescribe the same therapy for almost every patient; doctors are not interested in listening to their issues while they have some of their own, and every other soul is suffering from depression.


Still, the question remains: how can we use technology to prevent depression? Do we have to take anti-depressants on a daily basis? Is that the life you want? Unfortunately, our doctors are unable to tell you that you can reorganize the cells of your brain by having an independent environment, such as not having to go out and meet people for a specific time and to do that you have to spend your time relaxing atmosphere, Well 99% of the experts tell us to do some sports or play amusing games on PlayStation , not just any game, those games which you think, you like the most to relax your mind.

If you believe that is not useful, then do those productive tasks that are not against your mind. Keep in mind that sadness makes your brain extra sensitive, so you should avoid being around harsh people, even if they are relatives or friends.

Some people may suffer from depression as a result of loneliness, but they are unable to get away with it., In my suggestion, they must accept it first that they are alone, no one is going to be in their life, they must adopt someone, do some social work, and have some pets, In this way, they could be able to feel the social rhythm, however, If they still feel nothing’s changed then they probably should change the place where they live, If still, that doesn’t work then they should go for anything they want, even if it’s not affordable.

The word depression is a mental misunderstanding; when people are unable to realize their wishes, they name it depression, and the psychiatrist believes they are going through some trauma; they are half-right, but not entirely true.

If you believe you have depression, it’s possible that you’re mistaken; what you really need is a change in your life. Maybe you should read this book on depression for better understanding or to swing your mood you should take happy pills.

Stability of life can also lead to depression, you should go wild and do things like go hunting, watch exciting movies, change your car or take the bus or train, meet new people, visit hotels, or spend some time in the church, or simply change your profession or business, whatever you want if it helps you, because nothing is more important than you.

Robotic Technology is not just an addition to the phase of tech innovation; it is now a necessity of everyday life. For example, we are currently facing covid-19 pandemics and have lost many lives due to a lack of health workers. How are we going to deal with the various varieties of each disease if we don’t have health workers on hand?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, please let us know what is your comments regarding depression and technology


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