Make money playing games on phone: a guide to enhancing your income

Is it possible to make money by simply playing games? Is it safe? Can you really play games and win cash prizes in a short amount of time? The answer to all of those questions is yes. Let’s take a look at which game apps give you cash rewards!

Can you really earn money playing games?

Yes! The concept here is that you have to finish offers from mobile apps, download free games sponsored by game developers, or watch some advertising and share the benefits. Therefore, the mechanics of making money playing games online are perfectly understandable, although we do recommend that you use discretion when choosing the game app.

Some apps even offer the possibility to earn rewards by playing new games, tracking the time the app is open on your mobile device. Other apps have a collection of free online games, and some have in-app purchases to enhance your earnings, and it’s a good way to earn some extra cash.

Do game apps really pay?

There are many apps with mobile games, surveys, videos, branded advertising, and casino games that pay you to play. The payment method can vary: some offer gift cards, others send funds to your PayPal account, and there are opportunities to earn cryptocurrency as well (Bitcoins, Ethereum tokens, and more).

Therefore, you can complement your income by playing games, and the rewards are real! It’s a free and fun way to earn some extra money!

Tips and tricks to download the best free app

Most game apps that pay you are not scams, but as with every chance to earn real money, it’s a good idea to be careful about what you download. The best game apps are well-known and make it easy to confirm that you will be playing games on the correct platform. Moreover, remember to check the cookie policy of websites and apps, as they may be tracking some of your data.

To prevent fraud, the best idea is to check if the app has the same name on Google Play Store or App Store as the one you’re looking for, and take a look at the reviews tab.

It’s also a good idea to read the developer page, since there you can find more information about who exactly is paying you to play games; that should erase your doubts if you have any, and then you can get comfortable and start playing!

Earn money by completing surveys

Completing surveys is the most popular way of earning money on the Internet — and most apps that have those surveys also have the option to play online games. The most popular apps that pay through this method are Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and SurveyMonkey, among others.

Some of the apps that pay for surveys also offer the option to watch videos to earn cash rewards. There are also options of live trivia-show-style games, cashback on in-game purchases, and much more. Get to know what the apps are that pay for this myriad of options, and earn money by playing games.

How can I play games and get paid for it?

There are many completely free options, but some premium games require a deposit. Usually, it’s important to keep the app or website open while you’re playing their game options. This way, you ensure that it’s tracking the rewards the company promises you. Moreover, many of those options also offer cashback on online shopping, for instance, so always search for opportunities in the app!


There are many free apps or mobile games that allow the player to earn rewards. Some paid games, such as poker or casino-like options, require you to deposit real money before getting into the play zone.

You can also open websites on your mobile device and complete the tasks suggested there, such as watching videos, playing mobile games downloaded through the platforms, and more. Frequently, you will earn points inside the website, and then convert them to real cash or gift cards without leaving the service in question.


On PC, most websites that offer cash prizes contain surveys or options to watch videos, among other tasks. However, some of them have the option to play games as well. Usually, you’ll need to accept the game offer on your mobile, so you need to synchronize both devices to make money playing games.

There are options to play browser games to earn cash, but they’re rare and most often they’re bingo or casino-like games.

Which are some of the apps and websites where you can earn money playing games?

Cash Pirate

A very popular “spin-to-win” website, in CashPirate you’ll be playing games of different kinds to earn points, getting more chances to spin the roulette. There are other options to get those credits, such as clicking on or viewing ads, completing surveys, downloading determined games, and more.

The cool thing about CashPirate is that you can receive your money either directly into your PayPal account or in Bitcoins — thus, the website provides different forms of earning money, and you can withdraw small quantities, depending on what suits you best.


Qriket is a casino-like game where you choose blue or yellow in a wheel, and spin it for a chance of profit. You receive points — or credits — from $0.5 up to $10.

The downside of this website is that the minimum withdrawal is pretty high: $25. Other options have withdrawal settings starting at as low as $2.5, so it can take some time to collect enough rewards in Qriket. However, the accumulated profit on this website is higher than on any other.

Second Life

Second Life is a game in which you can earn real cash by creating a fictional avatar of yourself. You can set up and run a variety of virtual businesses: buying and selling at retail stores, selling and renting real estate, creating experiences such as educational institutions, nightclubs, amusements parks, etc.

You will earn the in-game currency called Linden Dollars, just like at real-life work. Those Linden Dollars can be exchanged for real cash. Alternatively, you can gain real money by becoming a salesperson for other players, so the possibilities are really thrilling.


CashDazzle is a website that, on average, pays $1,000 daily in cash prizes (divided by all the winners). Different from other websites, here you play the games to earn spins, exchanging the points you gathered for time spent playing free games for a lucky reward.

Therefore, the more games you play, the higher your chances of earning a cool reward. You also get some free spin tickets daily, which makes it possible to hit a jackpot and win money. This is not a game app per se, being more of agglutination of possibilities.

Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is an app that rewards for downloading and running mobile games. The premise is that the user downloads games with it and completes offers in the downloaded games to earn credits.

Those credits are exchanged for gift cards or go straight out in the form of PayPal cash. To earn money with Tap Cash Rewards, simply play games as you normally would, but download them through the platform; this app pays you passively.


PCHgames is yet another website that offers the opportunity to earn money by playing games. On this platform, you can choose between many games and win instant money, up to $1,000.

Bonus tokens are offered to those who play daily — these tokens can be exchanged for gift cards, daily sweepstakes entries where you can win up to $1,000, and merchandise.

Bitcoin Wonder

Another casino-like game, Bitcoin Wonder is an app that pays you for spinning a wheel called the “Wonder Machine”. When you install this app, it prompts the spinning game immediately, with numerous modes: disco, frenzy, turbo, and more.

You can double down your earnings by simply selecting to play the game in its regular way. The app pays you in cryptocurrency, delivering the Bitcoins earned during each spin.

However, the spins aren’t free — despite the rewards being potentially massive, you still have to make several deposits to start earning money.

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