Small Business Marketing Strategies You Simply Can’t Afford to Ignore

Small Business Marketing Strategies You Simply Can’t Afford to Ignore
Small Business Marketing Strategies You Simply Can’t Afford to Ignore

The marketing world has changed. Thirty years ago, companies had to invest heavily in advertising. Then, the business world was dominated by multinational corporations who could afford the high cost of running large advertising campaigns across the visual and print media. Small businesses, unable to compete, were forced to limit their marketing efforts to clients within their locality.

Thanks to the emergence of the web and the evolution of social media tools, it is possible for small businesses to challenge the marketing efforts of larger companies. However, smaller businesses can just as easily command a strong customer base using the right aggressive marketing strategy. Below are some of the ways that this can be done.

Have an Online Presence

Own your Professional Website

The first step to any successful online marketing strategy is to own a website. Your website will be the primary destination for all the traffic that you generate.

Most of the visitors who land on your website or your Facebook landing page will evaluate your success based on the tone, content, and look of the site. Because of this, you must have a professionally designed and well-maintained site.

If your website looks cheap or outdated, you’re likely to lose customers. Keep your website relevant by constantly posting fresh content. Provide information that is consistent with what your site offers. This includes related news, discounts, or special promotions. 

To increase your conversion ratio, include features such as an “Opt in.” This will allow you to build a loyal customer base and increase your contact list, which will help you further advertise your products and services.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media sites have grown from being fringe destinations to the center of web traffic in the last ten years. For instance, Facebook is the most visited site on the web, followed by social media giants like Google and Yahoo.

Over three billion visits are recorded on social media networks every week. To stay ahead of the curve, you must learn how to take advantage of these different services. The following are some of the popular options.


Any social media marketing campaign without Facebook would be half as effective. Using Facebook for business is simply THAT important.

With close to a billion subscribers and over a hundred million active users every day, it’s easy to appreciate the importance of the network. Many small businesses have been able to add thousands of new customers with the tools offered by the social site.

Owning a Facebook account is easy—and free. Once you’ve created your basic account login details, you’ll be allowed to build up your profile.

You can add business details, new pictures, videos, and even audio files. You’ll also be able to add links to your different company websites.

The next step will be drawing a following to your Facebook page. Numbers are important. The more friends you have, the greater your visibility will be. There are two different ways of going about this.

First, you can choose to either build your following gradually with the use of many of the social plug-in widgets available by Facebook. The second approach is to buy Facebook fans for instant social credibility.

There are many valuable tips on how to handle a successful Facebook campaign. But the most vital information to remember is to always keep your content authentic and original.

Never lose sight of the fact that Facebook is a SOCIAL site. Do not use pointless company rhetoric or upload unnecessary business charts. Your content and interactions should be human, sincere, and engaging.


Blogs are powerful marketing tools. The appeal behind modern-day blogs is that they provide a comfortable outlet where businesses can interact with their customers. Blogs are the perfect vehicle to discuss new products or offer tips and guidelines.

Blogs can also be used to improve the strengths of a brand and increase the credibility of a business. You will draw more readers to your blog if it will be reviewed as an expert. Be sure to choose topics that you are familiar with and keep them related to the niche you’re offering.


Twitter is a fantastic social marketing tool—but only if used effectively. Since its introduction barely a decade ago, Twitter has become the default choice for sharing rapid information in the business world. Twitter is sometimes described as the SMS of the web because of its versatility, speed, and convenience.

Twitter is a great add-on to include with your website. It helps in marketing your brand and lends an added air of professionalism to your website. 

But it is not just enough to incorporate Twitter into your website or marketing campaign. You’ll also need to ensure that your Tweets are relevant. Posting relevant and important tweets will increase people’s reliance on your update.

You’ll also be able to attract more customers this way. Beyond keeping your customers informed, your Twitter account can be used to support your employees and business partner in sync with your activities. It can also be used for press releases, launch announcements, brief statements, and many more.


Many people wrongly assume that LinkedIn is just a site for showcasing resumes. Nothing could be farther from the truth. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for meeting like-minded professionals and businessmen with millions of registered users. The network available with LinkedIn can be used to enhance your credibility in your field and create fresh avenues for expanding your business. 

Mobile Optimization

In the early 80s, Bill Gates predicted that many homeowners would own a personal computer one day. As it turns out, he wasn’t dreaming big enough. Personal computers are still important. But most people have become more reliant on mobile devices because of their technological flexibility.

Mobile phones and tablets are inbuilt with robust features that allow users to surf and conduct online transactions. Because of this, you must keep your business optimized for mobile devices. Ensure that your site is compatible with most websites.

Consider the option of investing in apps for the more popular mobile options such as the iPad or Kindle. Take advantage of online services such as Yelp, Yahoo Local, and Google Places and connect to consumers who may be searching for your service. 

Don’t Ignore Information Marketing.

Increase your online visibility and credibility using good information marketing techniques. For example, offer honest reviews, advice, and tips to prospective clients. It’ll build the respect and appreciation that your customers have for you.

This, in turn, will lead to positive word-of-mouth advertising, drawing in more traffic which can be converted to hard sale figures. 

There are different approaches that you can use for information marketing. For instance, you can consider the option of EBooks. Most visitors who stop by your site are likely to have computers, tablets, and mobile phones, which they can use in viewing eBooks.

Therefore, keep your eBooks free of fluff and relevant to the products or services that you offer. Providing an ebook of significant value will ensure that your customers turn to you.

Another medium that can be used for information marketing involves using video/audio files. Again, the rules are similar. Avoid giving dishonest reviews.

Nothing destroys a business faster than a reputation of being dishonest. Avoid unnecessary salesman-speak and get straight to the point of the review. Keep your efforts creative, simple, and original for the best results.


Leading the charge in aggressive marketing takes a fair amount of effort, especially for small businesses. But it can be done. To achieve this, you’ll need to;

• Own a website that you can as the hub of your online nexus.

• Use the opportunities and tools offered by social media sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect to potential clients.

• Pay as much attention to marketing designed for mobile devices

• Increase your credibility and connect with potential clients using practical information marketing tools.

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