Tips While booking online doctor consultation through Apps

Summary: Here are the tips for booking online doctor consultation through apps to help you out.
Summary: Here are the tips for booking online doctor consultation through apps to help you out.


Online consultation has made life so much easier for people around the country, especially in rural areas. You do not have the hassle of visiting a doctor’s clinic. In rural areas, you can get access to top doctors. However, there are ways to book online doctor consultations more easily and go through the process swiftly. Here are a couple of tips that will help you in this regard.

1.    Choose the right app for your consultations 

The first thing you need to do is select an app for online doctor’s consultation. Now, there are plenty of options available in this regard. So, it is understandable that you find choosing one a difficult thing to do. A good app to choose for online doctor’s consultation is the Bajaj FinServ Health app. It has thousands of verified doctors across multiple specialties to take care of the medical needs of you and your family.

2.    Figure out the suitable specialty for your condition 


The next stage is to find out a suitable specialty for your online Doctor consultation. If you are unsure about your medical condition, you can check online to know more about it. Of course, you can always go ahead and consult a general physician for any kind of medical condition. But, instead of spending time visiting a general physician, you can reach a specialist and start the proper course of treatment.

3.    Select a doctor as per your medical needs 

You will find a long list of virtual doctors on the app you choose. And by a long list, we mean that you might find at least a thousand doctors across certain specialties. So, you need to choose a doctor that perfectly suits your medical needs and convenience. For instance, you might want to consult a doctor who is nearer to your home or office. Others might look for the same doctor their friend or acquaintance consulted.

4.    Look at the reviews and the reputation of the doctor 

Considering only the distance of the doctor from your residence is not enough when searching for a doctor for online consultation. You need to visit the profile of the doctor to know about their experience and the kind of work they have done before. If you want to be doubly sure about your chosen doctor, you can look at the reviews and reputation online to know more about what others are saying about the specialist.

5.    Choose a slot that suits your schedule 

Any online consultation app will get you many appointment slots for any doctor you choose. You can select one that suits your schedule. Consider how urgent it is for you to get an appointment, and figure out your schedule for the day before you choose any slot. Choosing a slot and canceling it, later on, is not only a hassle for you, but also for the doctor you have chosen.

6.    Set a reminder for your doctor’s appointment 

Usually, the virtual doctor apps have the feature of setting a reminder for the appointments. So, all you need to make sure is not to turn off the notification from the app. If you keep the notification on, the app will promptly send you notifications before your appointment. Thus, you will not have to worry about missing out on any doctor’s appointment. You will get the notifications beforehand so that you can fix your day’s schedule according to that.

7.    Do not delay while connecting with your doctor 

You need to be punctual when it comes to your virtual consultation. Keep in mind that your doctor will wait for you at a particular time as per your chosen slot. Be ready with your mobile, a stable internet connection, pen, and paper for your online consultation. You would not want any interruption when you are in the middle of something as important as a virtual consultation.

Those were the seven tips to help you manage and deal with your online doctor’s consultation more effectively. So, book that online appointment right away!


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