Top 7 Food Delivery App Development Companies In 2022

Top 7 Food Delivery App Development Comapanies In 2022


Online Food Delivery has already started booming in the past decade as millennials preferred to order food at home instead of cooking as it offered them more time for themselves and leisure.

This boom has been accelerated by Corona Pandemic and in the past couple of years, the most growing business model has been online food ordering and delivery. This was the most invested sector by investment funding and VCs in the past 2 years.

Many seasoned and first-time entrepreneurs are jumping on this wave to ride the success and rake in profits.

There are food delivery aggregators and businesses sprouting up in each city across the globe. Each entrepreneur is trying to get a slice of this profit by tweaking the food delivery business model to their local customer’s preferences and also customizing the business workflow as per their own business acumen and ideas to create a new success story.

But one thing is common in each food delivery business across the globe be it in India, Cambodia, US or Spain, or anywhere else.

A major success contributor to the online food ordering and delivery business models is the software that you use for the business.

The better the software the more the chances of your business becoming successful. The software has to be easy to use, easy on the eyes, follow the best business practices, and mainly keep your users engaged and connected to your business.

The quality of your software would depend on the expertise and ability of the company that builds this software for you.

So as a new business entrepreneur selecting the right food delivery app development company for building your food delivery app is a very very important business decision. In fact, 70% of the success of your food delivery business would depend on you making this decision right.

There are many entrepreneurs I have seen who have not been able to launch their businesses even after 3-4 years of trying to set up their software due to making the wrong choice in selecting their food delivery app development company.

So as a help to my users I have compiled a list of 7 top food delivery app development companies that you can trust to give you the best and expected software as output and in the most hassle-free way.

The listing is ranked randomly so there is no first or last in the list, each of the companies have their own advantages and expertise. So here goes.:-

Redbytes Software

Redbytes Software is an early innovator in the mobile apps development field as they started in the year 2009 as a kindergarten kids apps development specialist. Since then they have diversified in many different domains food delivery is one of them.

They have a geolocation-based product school bus tracking system which is generally used in food delivery software. They have handled software development at the enterprise level and even fortune 500 companies. They have handled more than 100 food delivery software projects.

Some of the technologies they use are Firebase, React Native, Xamarin, etc IN the last few years they have made name for themselves with many global clients in their kitty and become very popular in the food delivery software development domain.

Redbytes is also an expert in building online games for their clients using a hybrid gaming platform Corona(in fact they are official corona ambassadors).



One of the most unique companies on the list, the edelivery app works ONLY in Food Delivery System and apps development niche and they have an entire food ordering and delivery ecosystem of food delivery apps, themes, designs, and any module that can be needed for developing a top-notch food delivery app. EdeliveryApp has a readymade food delivery apps framework that has all the main modules for the food delivery business inbuilt into it. Some of the inbuilt modules in the readymade framework are adding multiple restaurants(or businesses) in the system making it multivendor, Creating a restaurant menu page or shop page with your food list, food menu, Geolocation based search along with frequently used multiple filters, Cart, Checkout, Order History and reorder, Live Tracking of Drivers on maps, multiple local payment gateway integrations, multiple printer & POS integrations, chat support, etc.

This approach saves you a huge amount of development time but unlike a software script where you are stuck with a set of features of a prebuilt code, delivery apps food delivery framework is fully modular and you can customize the code fully and add new features to the system creating a brand new system in itself.

This approach by edeliveryapp has allowed it to provide its customer with the most value for money approach and you will most probably get the least quote from them but the quality of your product will be the best one.

EdeliveryApp’s Food Delivery Software is a Certified ISO 9001:2015 product(and most probably the ONLY food delivery app to be ISO 9001:2015 certified). This gives you a guarantee that you are using a software product whose code has been thoroughly tested by the top industry guru and certified.

In 2018 edelivery app was also awarded BEST UI/UX experience in the Mobile Apps category by Finances Online. With more than 700 food delivery app projects under its belt since the year, 2015 edelivery app is one of the top innovators in the Food Delivery App domain. If you are looking for a food delivery app development company you cannot go wrong with the delivery app.


ValueCoders is a nearly two decades old company that has its fingers in all the pies of software development and food delivery is one of them.

Valuecoders has been acknowledged and appreciated by the likes of NASSCOM, Deloitte, and Red herring.

They have clients across thirty-three countries and more than 2000 enterprises and growing. One of their services division is the on-demand food delivery division.

With an expert team on board, ValueCoders gives intuitive food delivery software services across the board,  with a wide array of functionality like a smooth and neat dashboard for administrator, simple order placement, offline/online control, and administration, igreat search and filter, ordering and history management, etc. ValueCoder team also provides many other services under one roof like AI/ML, Blockchain, etc.

They were awarded as Clutch Top eCommerce Developer – India 2021



GeekyAnts is another one a half decade-plus old company as they were incorporated in the year 2006. They have established a very good reputation in the design and development field and they offer amazing services and solutions for both mobile apps and web apps.

GeekyAnts has been applauded by big names in our industry for their regular and appreciable contribution to different technologies like Python, Angular, Reat Native, React, Flutter, Vue.js, Node.js, etc. They have recently crossed the 500+ global clients list mark.

A few years back GeekyAnts forayed into the food ordering and delivery software services domain building cutting-edge and futuristic food ordering and delivery systems for their clients and have started specializing in this niche.

GeekyAnts also works in a lot of other software development niches like education, finance, manufacturing, gaming. Healthcare etc. GeekyAnts is a big supporter of open source and is a regular contributor and innovator in open source projects.


Xicom Technologies

Seems most of the food delivery app development companies are decades old. So the next one on the list is another two decades-old company Xicom Technologies. They were established in the year 2002 and are ranked as one of the top companies for food delivery software and apps development.

With a team of 300+ software developers who have rich experience in building amazing code and apps with various programming languages. They have an impressive track record of serving sixteen hundred plus clients on more than 8000 projects across the globe since their inception.

Xicom aspires to make a name for itself in the software and apps development domain by offering cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

Xicom also works in other software development domains like automotive, Media and entertainment, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, retail and e-commerce, Logistics and transportation, Travel and tourism, education and learning, etc. With offices in India, USA, and Dubai Xicom tries to stay ahead of the competition by following standard best practices and using futuristic technology in the software solutions it offers.


Tapptitude is a Romania-based android/ios application development agency that specializes in delivering top-notch mobile app development services, and they are also one of the best-rated mobile application companies on

They were formed in the year 2013 and have since become famous for building cutting-edge food ordering and delivery software and apps. They say that they live and breathe mobile and this definitely shows in their food delivery apps. Taaptitude works with both Enterprises and startup entrepreneurs and builds sleek mobile-first products that create demand for their customers.

They work hand in hand with their clients through the entire life cycle of food delivery app software development starting from planning and conception to full launch and then maintenance and enhancements and scaling up.

Along with their main office in Romania, they also have offices in Brooklyn, New York/London, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

MultiRestaurant Systems

Another company that is ONLY into food ordering and delivery apps development are MultiRestaurant Systems. MultiRestaurant Systems was actually started by a group of restaurant owners who were not able to find the right software company to build the intuitive restaurant software they needed for their business so this team comes with huge domain expertise in the restaurant niche and you can say that they are SME’s or Subject Matter Experts in this niche.

Over years they have refined and evolved their multi-restaurant delivery software making it one of the best in the industry. Their offering is basically a readymade turn-key food ordering and delivery software that you can customize as per your unique project requirement.

If you are on a lean budget or want to create an MVP for your business idea first before investing a bigger amount then the MultiRestaurant Systems team is probably the best for you as they have proved to be the most cost-effective provider from all in the list.

They have also created clone software for multiple successful food delivery companies like uber eats clone, swiggy clone, zomato clone, doordash clone etc. This is pretty helpful as this helps reduce clients’ time to market to a few days instead of a few months or weeks.

I hope my review of the above companies was comprehensive and helped you. If you know of any more food delivery app development companies do mention them in the comments section below so that we can review and add them.





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