Dot5 Web Hosting Review

Dot5 is the pioneer of multiple domain hosting. With each hosting account, 5 add-on domains are provided free of charge. That’s why you can host up to 6 different websites with just 1 hosting account (the main site itself + extra 5 add-on sites).

This is a brilliant offer because most web hosts are offering incredible amounts of disk space and bandwidth, but the clients in most cases don’t even use up 10% of the allocated resources. These web hosts just throw in the big offer as a marketing strategy to attract the consumers by exploiting the ‘the more the better’ mindset. Consumers don’t realize that the ‘large space’ and ‘large bandwidth’ is practically useless, as they will probably never use most of the ‘advertised’ resources.

Dot5 is the first genuine web host where the large disk space and bandwidth offered is not a mere marketing gimmick. They are making sure that you have the ability to exhaust the allocated resources by allowing you to host up to 6 different websites under the same hosting account!

I respect their way of doing business because they truly care about their customers and are not just here to exploit them. The other web hosts expect you to open a new account for each website that you want to host even when you have plenty of resources remaining in the first account. This means that you have to pay 6 times as much to get the same offer as what Dot5 is offering. This is simply ridiculous.

I don’t need to be an oracle to predict that sooner or later, most other web hosts, including those currently in our Top 10 chart will have to follow Dot5’s lead by offering multiple domain hosting accounts. It’s the future of web hosting as domain names are very cheap nowadays and many webmasters will usually want to have more than one website.

You can create up to 50 MySQL databases! For a quick comparison, LunarPages is only offering 3, iPowerWeb is offering 3 and PowWeb is offering 5. Even if you do not have an idea what is a MySQL database or you do not plan to use it, it is still very important that you have as many of them as possible. This is because most free scripts, including most of them in Fantastico, require a MySQL database to function properly!

You will get a free domain name if you sign-up as a user for 1 or 2 years. And this domain will be FREE FOR LIFE as long as you continue to host your website with them! If you choose to sign-up for 3 or 6 months only, you will need to pay $10 for a 1 year registration of your domain. If you have already registered your domain name somewhere else, transfer your domain name to DWHS and get a 1 year renewal for free. All you need to do is sign-up under ‘Transfer Clients’ and they will assist you in transferring your domain name. No coupon code or promo code is needed for this offer.

Even if you do not wish to transfer your domain name, you are still entitled to the FREE domain. Instead of signing up for your hosting account with the existing domain name, sign-up with a brand new domain name. Since you can host up to 6 websites with the hosting account, you can then add your existing domain by utilizing one of the add-on domains.

Personally, customer support is always my first criteria for picking a web host, it comes before price, size and everything else. This is because I have had very bad experiences with some hosts that offer a lot in terms of price and size but were unable to solve simple issues. Dot5’s support is excellent. I submitted 5 different tickets and they were all answered within 2 hours. That’s extremely fast support.


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