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Easynews is a Usenet provider offering 1719 days of web retention through their web based Usenet or free Encrypted SSL with over 2000 days of NNTP retention through their NNTP access. Easynews is known for their Usenet web interface which offers user the option to read or download from Usenet without the need of a Usenet client.

I just got access to a BigGig Plan account that goes for $29.94/month which comes with 150 GB (Web Transfer), Unlimited NNTP Access and Free 256-Bit Encrypted SSL so I will be reviewing that plan.

Easynews Web Plans


BigGig Plus


Web Data Transfer Limit 150 GB 40 GB 20 GB
Web Retention 1719 Days 525 Days 365 Days
NNTP Retention 2000 Days 2000 Days 2000 Days
Unlimited NNTP Access FREE + $9.95/month + $9.95/month
Price $29.94/month 14.97/month $9.98/month


Easynews also offers a Unlimited NNTP plan. You can get Unlimited NNTP access, Free 256-Bit SSL, 60 connections and 2000 days retention for just $9.95/month. You will not get web-based access or 3rd party mobile apps with the Unlimited NNTP plan. All web plans come with Rollover gigs.

Easynews Web-Based vs NNTP Access

Although Easynews is famous for their web-based access which will allow you to log into your Easynews account from anywhere without 3rd party programs to preview and download content from Usenet, they also offer NNTP unlimited plans for more heavy users. What’s the difference between the two? Let’s find out…


  • Access Usenet content from anywhere with a internet connection without 3rd party programs
  • Customizable access packages
  • All Web based access accounts come with NNTP access included (NNTP Usage Discount)
  • Intuitive Search Options
  • In browser search result previews
  • Unlimited connections
  • 99%+ Completion
  • Up to 1719 days newsgroup article retention

Unlimited NNTP Access:

  • You will need to install and configure your newsreader program to access Easynews Usenet servers
  • Unlimited Access
  • Free 256 bit SSL Encryption
  • 99% Completion
  • 2000 days Retention
  • Free 14 days trial to web based plans
  • Available as add-on to the Web plans or stand alone for $9.95

If you’re a heavy user or need all the retention you can get, I would recommend the Unlimited NNTP Access Plan for $9.95/month. Also, if you don’t want your Internet Service Provider to watch what you’re downloading, the Free 256-Bit SSL encryption will help you. If none of the above applies to you, pick a Web-Based plan depending on how much you plan on using Usenet.

Easynews Web-Based

I love Easynews web based interface. The search is quick and provides thumbnails for videos and image searches. You can watch the videos or listen to audio straight from Easynews, download them to your computer or download the NZB file so you can import it into your favorite Usenet client.


The speed is great. I get on average 600 KB/sec per connection so if you have a fast internet connection and use up all 60 connections, you can download at 35 MB/sec. You don’t have to worry about this though unless you have Verizon FiOS or Google Fiber.


It’s hard to test this as I haven’t used Easynews enough, but I’ve downloaded a few files and they were all completed. Easynews states that they have over 99% completion. There is no way for me to confirm that so I’ll have to believe it for now.


Easynews is the first web based Usenet that I’ve used as I’ve always stuck with NNTP access so it took some time to get used to, but it’s pretty good. It’s nice to be able to access Usenet content with just a internet connection. You can also get their app on iTunes or the Google Play store to access Usenet from your smart phone. The retention, speed and completion is good. The 60 connections sounds great, but most of us don’t have internet fast enough to use all of those connections.

It’s weird using a Usenet service with a data cap though and it’s something I can never get used to. It’s a good thing they offer unlimited NNTP access for just $9.95/month for heavy users or people that aren’t into web based Usenet. I prefer NNTP access as it comes with free SSL encryption and the retention is longer, but not everyone is me so pick a plan that fits how much data you plan on using per month. Easynews has been in business since 1994 so you really can’t go wrong by signing up with them.

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