HostMonster Web Hosting Review

HostMonster provides an all-inclusive hosting package. What I really like about this hosting plan is that it can fit hosting needs of individuals as well as business owners. The plan is very affordable. However, you do not lose out on function or performance even though the hosting plan is only $3.95 per month. The hosting package is filled with features and applications and includes plenty of bandwidth and disk space. HostMonster provides excellent customer service and technical support. Only high quality hosting equipment is used. HostMonster recognizes the importance of reliable hosting services and strives to always provide the most reliable services possible.

HostMonster offers an all in one hosting solution for customers. The hosting plan costs $3.95 per month for an excellent package. This package includes 50 GB of disk space and 999 GB of data transfer! A variety of other features are found in each package. Some of these features include but are not limited to: MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts, CGI-Bin, CGI library, FrontPage Extensions, FTP access, Perl 5, PHP, chat capabilities, JavaScripts and web blogs, A variety of multimedia features are also included with the hosting plan. Some free features are also provided with each hosting accounting including a free domain name, free search engine submission and free drag and drop site builder.

I find this plan to be an excellent value. It is a plan that is packed with features. The plan is backed by excellent technology and also includes 24/7 server monitoring, mirrored storage backup, and UPS power backup. Each hosting package also includes 24/7 technical support. For anyone considering hosting with HostMonster, sales support is also available 24/7.

HostMonster provides reliable hosting services. They use redundant systems in order to provide maximum uptime and performance. HostMonster utilizes top-quality equipment. Data is kept safe and secure through their reliable backup services. In case of a power outage UPS, backup, and backup generators are also used in order to keep things up and running. Quad Opteron Servers are used to offer high-performance hosting services.

HostMonster offers great customer support and assistance. They have a help center that can be accessed from their home page. Answers to many questions can be found here. If customers still need assistance, they can submit a support ticket. In addition, they can contact customer support by calling the toll free telephone number. Technical support is available all day every day. Potential customers can contact sales support 24/7 by calling the toll free sales number. The customer support staff is ready and able to answer any questions or to help customers with any problems that occur.

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