Rocket Japanese Languages Review

GOOD Rocket Japanese teaches you everything related to the Japanese Language from speaking, reading, writing and culture lessons.

BAD The Rocket Japanese forum isn’t that active. Rocket Japanese only has three games.

SUMMARY Although Japanese is hard to learn, Rocket Japanese tries to make it as fun as possible by including social interactions, games, tests and leader boards.

Rocket Japanese from Rocket Languages are interactive audio lessons, language & culture lessons and writing lessons. You will be taught Japanese using various of methods which include social interactions, role playing, tests, games and many more.

I’ve been through the lessons for awhile now and I love the way Rocket Languages tries to teach you the Japanese Language with a variety of exercises. This is the first time I’m learning the Japanese language and although it’s hard, it’s not as boring as I thought it would be when learning a new language.

I’ve taken a lot of screenshots from the member area so this page may take awhile to load.


  • Interactive Audio Lessons – Each level includes over 60+ hours of audio lessons. These lessons can be used while commuting to work or anytime that you are away.
  • Language & Culture Lessons – Each level includes 60+ hours of Language & Culture lessons where you will discover the mechanics of the language and access audio tracks of 1000+ of common words and phrases.
  • Reinforcement Testing – Every lesson will include a variety of tests and each test has a scientific algorithm designed to reinforce and enhance your recall memory in a different way.
  • Games – Just learning the Japanese language is boring, so Rocket Japanese includes games to make the learning process a bit more fun.
  • Progress Tracking – All of your learning process will be tracked so you will know where you are.
  • Voice Comparison – You can record your own voice and compare it to the Japanese teachers pronouncing these Japanese words.
  • Efficient Learning – Each course includes 25 advanced learning techniques that will help you cut the amount of time you need to study.
  • Learning Support –  You will get unlimited 24/7 lifetime access to the Rocket Japanese teachers.
  • Motivation Tools – You will earn points and badges based on the amount of the Japanese Language you have gone through. This will keep you engaged and motivated to learn Japanese.
  • Free iOS/Android Rocket Languages App – You can take your language learning on the go.
  • Lifetime Access – You will get lifetime access and updates to the Rocket Japanese.

Rocket Japanese Pricing

Rocket Japanese comes in three level packages. This is the Rocket Japanese coupon pricing.

  • Level 1 (The Premium) will take you from beginner to intermediate – $99.95
  • Level 1 & 2 (The Combo) will take you from beginning to advanced – $249.90
  • Level 1, 2, & 3 (The Works) are for serious learner with advanced conversation – $259.90

Interactive Audio Lessons

Before each interactive audio lessons, the teacher(s) will explain and teach the lesson to you in an easy way to understand. You can download the interactive audio lesson so you can learn on the go.

The conversation transcript allows you to replay certain phrases. You can even use a tool call Rocket Record to improve your accent and understand the rhythm of the language by comparing your voice to a native speaker.

Rocket Japanese will let you listen to just the conversation parts from the interactive audio lesson. You can also role play as one of the teacher.

Replay words/phrases from the lesson.

At the end of each interactive audio lesson, you will be tested to improve your knowledge of Japanese. It’s a fun way to test what you learned from the lesson.

I thought the interactive audio lessons were interesting and easy to understand. I’ve failed the tests at the end of most of the audio lesson, but thought they were fun.

Languages & Culture Lessons

Rocket Japanese will also teach you the culture part of the language. This is the grammar lesson of Rocket Japanese. Aside from the grammar, you will also get a insight into the Japanese culture. You will learn the mechanics behind the Japanese culture.

Each lesson will consist of the Japanese Culture.

Fun comic related images.

At the end of the lesson, there will be a quiz to test your knowledge.

I liked the culture part of Rocket Japanese as it’s a great way to understand the Japanese Culture.


The writing part of the Rocket Japanese was most confusing for me as Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji is something I’ve never seen before. I’m still confused as it’s still new to me, but i’m getting the hang of it thanks to the directions and videos on how to write Japanese characters.

Each character is accompanied with directions and a video on how to write the character. You can play the video in normal or 50% speed.

Although writing Japanese characters are confusing to write, the written and video instructions were helpful as it held my hands while I was writing the Japanese characters.


Rocket Japanese comes with three games: MegaCards, Phrase Master and Word Master.

MegaCards is a fun memory game that can be used to test your knowledge of the Japanese words and build familiarity with common Japanese Phrases. Each MegaCard comes with a picture, word and phrase.

Phrase Master is similar to tetris where the blocks are falling down. You will need to match the Japanese characters to the English ones before it hits the bottom or else you will lose.

Word Master will let you listen to a word spoken by a native speaker. All you need to do is drag the right letters into the correct spaces to make the word and complete the bridge, allowing the spacemen to get to his rocket ship without falling.

Phrase Master and Word Master are games I enjoyed while learning the Japanese language. MegaCards is just a card game so I didn’t find it enjoyable.


I always found it hard to learn a new language due to the lack of motivation. Rocket Japanese tries to fix this with the Badges and Leader board feature. It’s a popular feature for those with a slightly competitive nature. The Badges, Leader board and associated points system will keep you motivated to learn every day.

How do you earn Rocket Points? Everything you do in your Rocket Japanese course will earn you points. This means that the more you learn, the more Rocket Points you will earn. It’s a nice and fun way to compete against other people learning a new language.


The Japanese language is new to me but it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn and Rocket Japanese has helped me understand the language, writing and the culture a bit more. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve started the Rocket Japanese course but I’ve learned a lot. A new language is not something you can learn overnight so I know it’ll take me at least two or so years to get the hang of it. Since Rocket Japanese is a one time payment, I can afford to take my time and learn the language. Rocket Japanese is a product I can definitely recommend to my friends and family.

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