System Mechanic 14.5 Pro Review

GOOD System Mechanic 14.5 Pro provides users with a lot of useful tools and tweaks to speed up and maintain your PC. You will see a performance boost. Ton of features.

BAD NetBooster’s internet configuration didn’t increase my internet performance by much.

SUMMARY System Mechanic 14.5 Pro is a must if you feel that your PC has been slower than when you first brought it. System Mechanic 14.5 Pro can improve your PC performance.

Your computer will slow down over time as you continue to fill it up with software and other random things. Iolo System Mechanic can help you with this by proving you with a ton of tools, tweaks and fixes to help speed up and maintain your PC. System Mechanic 14.5 Pro comes with everything you need to keep your PC in top shape.

I won’t be reviewing System Shield AntiVirus and Antispyware, Search and Recover or Drive Scrubber which also comes with the System Mechanic 14.5 Pro package. Why? I don’t have much knowledge on those type of software so I won’t be doing it any justice by reviewing them. I will be reviewing System Mechanic 14.5 Pro.


  • Boost PC & internet performance
  • Optimize your registry
  • Keeps your hard drive clean and error-free
  • Tunes up your PC automatically
  • Protects your system from security flaws
  • Configure the software to work the way you want it to
  • Unlimited Installs for every PC in your home

System Mechanic vs System Mechanic Pro

System Mechanic 14.5 Pro includes…

  • System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
  • Search and Recover – Recovers previously lost or deleted data
  • DriveScrubber – Advanced data removal functions


When you first start System Mechanic, you will need to analyze your PC for problems. This process will take about two minutes for a quick analysis and six minutes for a deep analysis.

After the scan, System Mechanic 14.5 will list all of your PC problems.

It seems like i have 521 registry problems, Let’s fix that first. It took a couple of seconds for System Mechanic to fix my registry.

Fixing the registry is just one of many tuneup tools System Mechanic comes with. You can diagnose and fix over 30,000+ different PC problems, fix security holes, cleans up junk files and boost your PC & internet speeds with System Mechanic 14.5.

Here’s a history of my recent fixes. You can see that in just a week, I cleared 5.2 GB of space from my hard drive.

One of the tools I was looking forward to using was the NetBooster as it promises to optimizes my settings to improve my Internet connection. Honestly, I saw little to no difference after various of speed tests.

After running a quick analysis and fixing my PC problems, I noticed an improvement after running System Mechanic 14.5 Pro.


LiveBoost introduces real time responsiveness tuning. If you want maximum effectiveness, LiveBoost should be fully enabled.

  • PowerSense – Dynamically senses your processor needs when launching high demand apps. Powersense will automatically unpark and maximizes CPU cores by turning off unneeded services.
  • OptiCore – Improves program responsiveness by preventing background tasks from monopolizing CPU resources during periods of high activity.
  • RAMJet – Releases memory trapped by unused programs
  • AcceleWrite – Increases system performance by minimizing random data writing to hard drives and SSDs while eliminating the need for disk defragmenters.

System Mechanic Coupons

Here’s a list of coupons for System Mechanic and other iolo software…

  • System Mechanic Pro ($20 Off Coupon) – $49.95
  • System Mechanic + Search & Recover ($50 Off Coupon) – $39.95
  • Search & Recover ($10 Off Coupon) – $29.95
  • System Mechanic Business (Volume Discount) – $47.40
  • System Shield AntiVirus & AntiSpyware ($10 Discount) – $29.95


I’ve used a couple of PC tune up tools before (free & paid ones) and System Mechanic 14.5 is definitely the best one I’ve used. I’ve even had a tuneup software break my PC which required a complete reformat of my computer to fix it.

System Mechanic 14.5 Pro comes with a simple yet ease to use design that will guide you through the process of fixing, cleaning and boosting your PC. There are so many tweaks and tools provided by System Mechanic to speed up your PC and maintain it. System Mechanic 14.5 Pro will work with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP.

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